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Lotto 649 | all about lotto 649 | learn how to win lotto 649 | online 649 lottery tips - Playchance uk

Lotto 649 Could Be your Key To Unbelievable Riches !

Winning the Lotto 649 could be your ticket to incredible riches. However, you no longer need to sit around and wait for Dame Luck to smile on you. There are more scientific methods of winning at Lotto 649.

Lottery in the UK consists of the New Euromillions, Lotto, Lotto Hotpicks and Thunderball. However, we are only interested in Lotto and Lotto Hotpicks since these offer a better chance in terms of the amount of combinations and not the millions of pounds that the game seems to offer.

If you look at how most people approach this game they simply play Lotto 649 by choosing their numbers randomly. However, this seldom results in any success. We have had over a decade of experience in studying the patterns, techniques and strategies that can help in winning at Lotto 649. We can share the same expertise with you and increase your chances of winning dramatically.

How Lotto 649 Can Change Your Lifestyle

If you want to make the most of the lottery system, you need to change your attitude towards Lotto 649 . Look at it as a tangible way to fulfil your needs. Some of the common reasons may be:

  • Because you are interested in obtaining financial security for life
  • You are in debt and cannot see how you can pay off this debt or
  • You do not feel happy in your job or
  • You are worried about being made redundant or
  • You are worried about being made bankrupt or
  • That you are in a dead end job or
  • You do not see any promotional prospect in your job or
  • You are worried because you might not be able to  buy your first house or
  • You have just been sacked in your job or
  • You have no job and feel that you are never going to be rich or
  • You have a mortgage and would like to be able to pay it off and still have some money left so that you can enjoy the rest of your life in peace, without financial worries.

How I got Started With Lotto 649

The thrills and gains of playing Lotto 649 cannot be compared to anything else. Read on to find out how you can experience the same and make all your dreams come true with Lotto 649.

How did I stumble upon this? I remember clearly when the first UK lottery was drawn on the 19th November 1994. Before the draw, I was very excited and kept on choosing numbers at random and going to the shop to buy some tickets. All the lines that I placed for that draw amount to a total of £100.00 and guess what, when the numbers were drawn, I got nothing.

It was disappointing indeed but I said to myself that there must be a way to understanding this Lotto 649 system because the idea of picking numbers at random seemed to be totally wrong and unscientific.

My colleagues and I have also tried playing the lottery using the lucky dip method but decided that there had to be a better way of choosing numbers that had a higher probability of winning instead of by random means. 

We have over a period of many years collected valuable information including useful tips, strategies and techniques on Lotto 649. This has been expressed as a series of theories and we are doing our best to enlighten every interested punter we meet.

The main objective of this site is that before you spend any more of your hard earned money, you should acquire some knowledge of this Lotto 649 system. Remember this website is not about to rip you off or to try to con you. We want to help you to win five plus the bonus number and/or the jackpot in any 6/49 lotteries. Our lottery number combinations are calculated on winning five plus the bonus ball and/ or the Jackpot.

As part of this initiative to disseminate information on Lotto 649 we have created a tutorial link which should give you an overview of how the lottery numbers in 6/49 is arranged in nature. We would like you to keep returning to this site and use the information you have learnt to select winning numbers.

Here is some interesting information for those who play the Lotto 649 lottery in Germany and we are at the moment looking for an agent in Germany , so if you are interested, e-mail us once you have looked at all the links.

Lotto 649 And The Luck Factor

We do not believe too much in the luck factor as it's not realistic and there is no calculation to luck but you can calculate your realistic chance of winning the big payout and believe us, it is not 13,983,816 combinations. That is just the amount of combinations in the whole system.

The 6/49 lottery system never use 13,983,816 combinations all at the same time to generate the six numbers needed for the jackpot. What it does is use sometimes just 100 combinations for a particular draw. It can be as little as 25 combinations in other draws but the amount of combinations used to generate the jackpot line changes for each draw.

Lotto 649 And Corporates

We would very much like to work with large companies in order to educate their staff on how to pick their lottery numbers especially for Lotto 649. We believe that employers should take lottery seriously and not see it as a threat to their business as most employees love their jobs too much to quit after winning. They could get an expert to speak on tips to win Lotto 649 employees will appreciate this greatly.

Playing Lotto 649 In a Syndicate

A good way to play Lotto 649 is as part of a syndicate and that is what most employees do hoping to win enough money to reduce their debt or to pay off their debt. The Majority of employees would be happy with winning £100,000.00 which can be transferred into their Bank Account. Lottery Chance Syndicate will make this happen.

When you join Lottery Chance Syndicate, you will not only acquire knowledge on the 6/49 Lottery Systems, you will also be giving a combination of numbers which has been carefully worked out to increase the chances of winning a big payout for our members. 

You can join Lottery Chance Syndicate from anywhere in the World. It does not matter if you reside in America, Europe, Australia, India, Canada etc,etc. All you will require to join is to have an acceptable credit card.

Why You Need Our Services To Play Lotto 649

You might have a knowledge of the theories to win Lotto 649 . However, you might not be able to successfully apply these since it involves many different aspects. You can use our services to play Lotto 649 and win. Once we show you how it is done and you will be amazed and surprised that it was not done sooner.

If you are just browsing, then, good luck but if you are curious, then, enjoy the rest of the site. This site is here to deliver the truth about Lotto 649, the whole truth and nothing but the absolute truth, so help us God.

Now, Dramatically Increase Your Winning Chances on L otto 649 !

Francis Isaac
Syndicate Organiser.

19 23 40 43 45 49 B 8 - Saturday  6  Dec 14


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